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If You Love Someone, Please Take Care Of Them Series presents essential items when going out during the COVID-19 outbreak

I’ve heard that many organisations have begun to cancel their work-at-home policies. For those who have to go to work at the office but are still unsure about safety in public places, these items can help you keep safe from the threat of infection.

Face Mask

This is an item that you must wear when leaving the house. Otherwise, you will not be able to enter public places like shops, or use rail transportation such as the BTS skytrain or MRT metro. The face mask is a necessary item when you enter crowded and poorly ventilated areas.

Hand Sanitizer

To make sure that your hands are always germ-free, you should immediately apply hand sanitizer after touching public surfaces. If you can wash your hands with soap, that is even better. But you need to scrub your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds.

Alcohol Spray

You should spray alcohol on public surfaces such as door knobs, elevator buttons, toilet seats, public seats and handrails before you touch them. It would be better to avoid touching any public surfaces.

Wet Wipes

This is another useful item that you should carry with you. You can use them to wipe public surfaces and when using public toilets.

Rubber Gloves

If your work requires you to be in contact with strangers, you should wear rubber gloves to avoid direct contact with them. It might make your hands uncomfortable but this is part of the new normal that you need to get used to.

Face Shield

If wearing a mask doesn’t make you feel safe enough, I suggest you wear a hat with a face shield to help protect you from droplets that might be infected with the virus when going out.

Multi-use push and pull tool

This item can help you avoid direct contact with public surfaces.

Personal tableware

Using your own personal tableware such as glass, spoon, fork and dish when you are at the office can help prevent you from the virus.

I hope you all stay healthy and safe. Don’t forget to exercise and take vitamin and mineral supplements to boost your immune system. The most important thing is try to stay home as much as you can to stop the virus spreading.




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